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Illegal immigration
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concerned citizen

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Illegal immigration
In the city of Ridgecrest it is rumored that the city contracted with a contractor to build Low Income housing, and when it got build the contrator didn't hire anybody from Ridgecrest. He used mexician labor to build a city project. I wounder how many were Illegal.
Anybody have any info on this????????
04-05-2008 12:14 PM
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abacrombee in crestline

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Why is upholding Our Laws called racist
Why is upholding Our Laws called racist. I don't care where illegals come from. The determining factor is whether they broke the LAW. LAWS are what keeps a society civil. No group of people should be above the law no matter what their reason, good or bad. The bank robber steals to feed his family, do we over look the fact he robbed the bank because the money was going for a good cause? NO and entering this country because you want a better standard of living doesn't excempt you from the LAW either. It has nothing to with race, it has to do with whether we have LAWS or we don't. There's a right way to do things and a wrong way. If you choose the wrong way then you get what happens. Don't rob the bank and don't enter the country ILLEGALLY. By the way I don't own a white sheet!!
06-05-2008 09:10 AM
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Really breaks my heart....not
Really breaks my heart....not !! Every state in the union needs to take their "Illegal immigrant" prisoners....regardless of crime committed....seperate them into groups determined by their country of origin....put them on a plane and drop them off on the tarmac of the capital city's airport of that country. Don't ask permission....just open the door and let them out. Those countries can then deal with the costs. If they don't like Bring the planes back and continue until our prisons are full of American prisoners only. Cheaper to make a flight or two and get rid of the illegal scumbags and keep our own scumbags.
06-05-2008 09:13 AM
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Gama AOL

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California as a third world country
This is what happens when a government refused to do what is right for its people and country. It is only a matter of time things will get worse. A British newspaper has now termed California as a third world country can you imagine that?
06-05-2008 09:25 AM
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America in Decline

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Facts on Mexico
Here are the facts about Mexico and free trade.
Free trade agreements
Mexico joined GATT in 1986, and today is an active and constructive participant of the World Trade Organization. Fox's administration promoted the establishment of a Free Trade Area of the Americas; Puebla served as temporary headquarters for the negotiations, and several other cities are now candidates for its permanent headquarters if the agreement is reached and implemented.
Mexico has signed 12 free trade agreements with 44 countries:
* NAFTA (1994) with the United States and Canada;
* Grupo de los tres, Group of the three [countries], or G-3 (1995) with Colombia and Venezuela; the latter decided to terminate the agreement in 2006; Mexico announced its intention to invite Ecuador, Peru or Panama as a replacement;
* Free Trade Agreement with Costa Rica (1995);
* Free Trade Agreement with Bolivia (1995);
* Free Trade Agreement with Nicaragua (1998);
Countries with which Mexico has signed an FTA
Countries with which Mexico has signed an FTA
* Free Trade Agreement with Chile (1999);
* Free Trade Agreement with the European Union (2000);
* Free Trade Agreement with Israel (2000);
* TN Free Trade Agreement (2001), with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras;
* Free Trade Agreement with the European Association of Free Trade, integrated by Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland (2001);
* Free Trade Agreement with Uruguay (2004); and
* Free Trade Agreement with Japan (2005)
Mexico has shown interest in becoming an associate member of Mercosur.[67] The Mexican government has also started negotiations with South Korea, Singapore and Peru.
On Mexican agriculture:
In spite of being a staple in Mexican diet, Mexico's comparative advantage in agriculture is not in corn, but in horticulture, tropical fruits, and vegetables. Negotiators of NAFTA expected that through liberalization and mechanization of agriculture two-thirds of Mexican corn-producers would naturally shift from corn production to horticultural and other labor-intensive crops such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, coffee and sugar cane.[41] While horticultural trade has drastically increased due to NAFTA, it has not absorbed displaced workers from corn production (estimated at around 600,000).[38] Moreover, corn production has remained stable (at 20 million metric tons), arguably, as a result of income support to farmers, or a reticence to abandon a millenarian tradition in Mexico: not only have peasants grown corn for millennia, corn originated in Mexico. Even today, Mexico is still the fourth largest corn producer in the world.
Mexico has a 1.3 trillion dollar economy, and is the 13th largest economy in the world, it has an unemployment rate of between 1-4%.
06-05-2008 09:33 AM
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Cheyenne Z Los Angeles

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The Hispanics called it Nueva Hispania,
No such place as Mexico existed before the Hispanics came here from Europe and stole the lands of our tribes. None of our tribes were Mexican. No place called Mexico existed here.

The Hispanics called it Nueva Hispania, after their homeland in Europe, Spain. And it remained Nueva Hispania until 1821.

The ancestors of Mexicans were never indigenous to these lands where the USA is now.
No such tribe as "Mexica" ever lived here, the Mexica lived 1000 miles south of the existing US/Mex border, where Mexico City stands today.
No such tribe as Aztec ever lived on what is now US lands.
No Mayan tribe ever lived here, no Toltec tribe ever lived here.
No tribe called Hispanic, or Latino, ever lived here either.

This land, which is now the United States of America was the land of our U.S. Native America Indian tribes, and none of our tribes were ever Mexican. Not now, never have been, never will be.

Mexico stole our lands in 1821.
On August 24, 1821, representatives of the Spanish crown and Iturbide signed the Treaty of C�rdoba, which recognized Mexican independence under the terms of the Plan of Iguala, ending three centuries of Spanish rule, over our tribal lands.

What did the Mexicans do with our tribal lands? Nothing at all, until 27 years later, when they sold the lands to the United States of America in
Mexico sold 1.36 million km (525,000 square miles) to the United States in exchange for $15 million (equivalent to $350 million today)
In addition to that $15 million the USA agreed to take over $3.25 million ($70 million today) in debts Mexico owed to American citizens.
The USA paid a total of $18,250,000 for part of the US southwest ($420 million today).

Mexico then sold another, smaller piece of land (southern AZ & NM) to the USA On December 30, 1853, Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna sold off part of Mexico for $10 million ($210 million today).

SOMEONE in Mexico got the equivalent of $630,000,000 (six hundred thirty million dollars) for their claim on our tribal lands.
(If you have a beef about it, go look up Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna's ancestors, they owe you a few pesos. They are probably still living in the south of France on the dough.)

Mexicans, Meztiso, Aztec, Mayan, Hispanic, Latino , Mexica, you are NOT "indigenous" to California. Your tribe has no homeland here.

You know what you should be worried about? Calderon is getting ready to do the same thing Santa Anna did 160 years ago, he is going to sell Mexico off to the USA and Canada. What do you think the NAU is all about?
How much to you think the USA and Canada are paying Calderon for the land of YOUR ancestors?
Probably a lot more than Santa Ana got.
And then the USA and Canada will rape all of the oil and other natural resources out of Mexico and leave your people as peasants. There will probably be forced birth control, to cut your numbers down.

You should return to Mexico, TODAY, and stop it. Stop Calderon from selling Mexico off to line his own pockets.
You would be doing a lot more good by going down to Mexico tomorrow and marching to Mexico City to stop Calderon from selling Mexico, instead of marching in the streets of L.A. demanding something you will never get.
06-05-2008 09:42 AM
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Gloria , Monrovia

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"mystery viruses" coming across the border
I know all about the "mystery viruses" coming across the border. Last October I became seriously ill,(thought it was pneumonia), but could feel something was not right. Went to the doctor several times, became lethargic, nausea, disorientated, etc., could not get better. They finally took blood tests and found it was a virus very similar to EBV that has had a rise in the illegal community. Well, let me tell you, the medication just to battle the "side effects" from this virus is not cheap. It costs me, with insurance mind you,$ 175.00. Now times that by 4 including the $ 35.00/doctor visit. Now, just like EBV I have had my throat checked 2 times, going in for a 3rd this month to ensure that I didn't get cancer from it (like EBV). I don't frequent very many places, so have no clue where I picked it up from. That's why it makes me so angry that illegals cross our borders without going through the proper medical channels. This is not something I would wish on anybody. Currently I am finally feeling better, but still have my "moments".
06-05-2008 09:45 AM
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state RN

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"mystery viruses"
Sorry to hear what you have gone through. There are many hispanics that test positive for TB. Either they have it or have been exposed. I work for the state so don't see as many illegals but those that are hear usually test positive. Hispanics tend to have more resistive strains due to the fact that when antibiotics are given they do not take the full course making the virus/bacteria more resistive. Now take your situaiton (money wise) and times that by thousands. We had a guy who had cancer. He was supposed to be released back to Mexico. He stayed and recieved chemo for another six months. Not that we should have sent him back without treatment, but I wonder what a prison in his country would have done.
06-05-2008 09:47 AM
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state RN

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Ileagles in detention centers
I worked in a hospital before getting a job in the prison system. I was amazed at the level of care provided in our system. Illegals are entitled to see a RN within 24 hours of the complaint even if it's just the sniffels. Could you imagine getting to see a doctor 4-5 times a month. Now they do have a 5 dollar copay but it is only one time for the original complaint. Then they do a thing called a 602 if they don;t want to pay costing you and I more money than the 5 dollars we were trying to get. Yet with this type of care they still complain.
06-05-2008 09:50 AM
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Working for the jail system
Working for the jail system I know how much it cost hard working taxpayers to house illegals. Not only that we have to provide them with medical care they would never get in thier own country. Many re there for simple short erm violations but if a medical condition is found we must hold them here until it's resolved. Let alone all the TB medication that is provided. Yet still many come with a very resistive strain of TB.
06-05-2008 09:52 AM
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RE: Illegals building low income housing
I am tired of illegals(my relatives came legally and had to endure hell)they jump over here and take my work away from me. just because you are a wet back doesn't mean that you are always right. How is their your background, their parents or grand parents here legally. if not their spawn is talking to me and would not be here except for the fact they jumped the border. Activist are racist and bigot like all the La Raza Crap heads (I tried to use stronger but topix woun't let me)
Screw them and send them back where they came from (a rock maybe)
06-05-2008 10:16 AM
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RE: Illegals building low income housing
Los Angeles County has over a quarter of a million homeless.
Are they illegal aliens? NO.
They are American citizens, many of whom have been pushed out by illegal aliens.
Who are these people? Older citizens, over age 40, one third of them are veterans (I find that SHAMEFUL), and ONE HALF OF ALL HOMELESS IN L.A. COUNTY ARE BLACK.
Only 9% of the entire counties population is Black but ONE HALF of the homeless population are Black. And guess what, these are people who were BORN here, in this county, a lot of them had jobs, they can't get hired now because they are citizens, employers have to pay them minimum wage, and they don't speak Spanish.
Why should anyone have to speak a foreign language to get a job in America? That is OUTRAGEOUS.

Social Service programs which were created for THESE PEOPLE have been hi-jacked by illegal aliens, thanks to scum bag Latino caucus legislators who took public funds away from United States citizens in this state, and channeled them solely into the hands of Spanish speaking illegal aliens. YES, that is RACIST.

80% of L.A. Counties homeless get NO Social Services, no free medical, no food stamps, no help AT ALL, and most of the homeless here were born right here, in this county.

Hispanic illegal aliens, 1987s amnestied aliens and their illegal alien "families" who chain migrated illegally across the border after '87 moved in mass into this state and pushed our citizens out, out of their homes, out of their jobs, onto the streets.
Hispanic illegal aliens get HUD housing, we can thank NCLR, and LULAC for that, and through HUD they have moved Blacks into cardboard boxes lined up down skid row. Illegal aliens aren't homeless here, they get all the bennies. Lets get specific, Hispanic illegal aliens get all the bennies. None are available to non-Hispanic illegal aliens. Racist? YES.

Why? Because as long as your race comes out on top, you don't care what happens to anyone else?
For la raza everything, for everyone else nothing?

You have the audacity to write: leave "race" out of it, but here, it is about "race".
We have Hispanic gangs murdering Black children every other day here, innocent kids, slaughtered in the streets.
And close to 50% of all Hispanic gangbangers here are ILLEGAL ALIENS.
It's a race war, and the Blacks in L.A. are being slaughtered. Everyone knows it and we have a racist Latino mayor who says it isn't happening.
When the subject of gangs comes up he talks about "crips and bloods". THERE ARE NO MORE CRIPS OR BLOODS.
The gangs who are killing innocent people in our streets are Hispanic gangs, and a lot of the killers are illegal aliens.
The racist raza mayor says the Hispanic gangs are just "innocent young latino boys who need art programs, they don't belong in jail".
YES, THAT IS WHAT HE SAID on TV just last week.
No, sorry, Villaraigosa, the Latino gangbangers need to go to jail, and the illegal alien gangbangers need to be DEPORTED.

We have a problem, and it's not going to be solved by pretending it isn't here.
We have a problem because nobody wants to be politically incorrect.
Well, the time of political correctness is OVER.
Political correctness got us in this mess.

You know, I really don't care about Mexico, honestly. I don't care if the people in Mexico eat or fart.
I don't care.
I am so sick of hearing about Mexico I could puke.
I am so sick of hearing what Calderon DEMANDS, I could puke.
Can we just have a moratorium on Mexico for a while?
Can Calderon just shut the hell up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT HIS COUNTRY? IN his country?
06-05-2008 10:22 AM
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I Am the Liberal-Progressives Worst Nightmare. I am an American.
I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some
Liberal governmental functionary be it Democratic or Republican!
I'm in touch with my feelings and I like it that way!
I think owning a gun doesn't make you a killer, it makes you a smart
I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and
does not entitle you to anything.
I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, do it in English.
I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and
where they want to.
My heroes are John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, and whoever
canceled Jerry Springer.
I know wrestling is fake and I don't waste my time watching or
arguing about it.
I've never owned a slave, or was a slave, I haven't burned any
witches or been persecuted by the Turks and neither have you! So, shut up
I believe if you don't like the way things are here, go back to
where you came from and change your own country! This is AMERICA.
If you were born here and don't like it you are free to move to any
Socialist country that will have you.
I want to know which church is it exactly where the Reverend Jesse
Jackson preaches, where he gets his money, and why he is always part of the
problem and not the solution. Can I get an AMEN on that one?
I think the cops have every right to shoot your sorry rear if
you're running from them..
I also think they have the right to pull you over if you're breaking
the law, regardless of what color you are.
And, no, I don't mind having my face shown on my drivers license. I
think it's good..... And I'm proud that 'God' is written on my money.
I think if you are too stupid to know how a ballot works, I don't
want you deciding who should be running the most powerful nation in the
world for the next four years.
I dislike those people standing in the intersections trying to sell
me stuff or trying to guilt me into making 'donations' to their cause.
I believe that it doesn't take a village to raise a child, it takes
two parents.
I believe 'illegal' is illegal no matter what the lawyers think.
I believe the American flag should be the only one allowed in
If this makes me a BAD American, then yes, I'm a BAD American.
If you are a BAD American too, please forward this to everyone you
We want our country back!
God Bless America !!!
08-05-2008 05:20 PM
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proudredneck, Sun City, AZ

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Makes you just want to welcome all the border jumpers
Makes you just want to welcome all the border jumpers to the U.S.A.! on:
�You (gringos) have spilled enough of our blood, now it�s your sity of California Irvine�s Hispanic LaVoz Mestiza. Professor Gutierrez, employed by the University of Texas, founder of La Raza said,�We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him." Now that isn�t very neighborly.
A Chicano organization called MEChA wants to take over much of the US Southwest, an area they call Aztlan said, "For the race everything. For those outside the race, nothing." Another �D� for a bad attitude. Other similar groups include: The La Raza Unida Party, Brown Berets de Aztlan, OLA (Organization for the Liberation of Aztlan), and the Nation of Aztlan. These are radical organizations that can be found in many American high schools and most colleges. They hate America and love its enemies. They are brimming over with race hatred, anti-Semitism, and a history of communist leanings and communist support. They have an irrational anger aimed at their stupid benefactors. Recent mass marches have emboldened these people who do pose a real threat to this nation. Many are illegals and profess their allegiance not to the United States where they live, but to the authoritarian corrupt state of Mexico.
Why are these Chicano groups willing to use violence, kill the gringo, and steal his home and land? Here is what Lou Dobbs has to say:�There are some Mexican citizens and some Mexican -Americans who want to see California, New Mexico and other parts of the southwestern United States given over to Mexico. These groups call it the reconquista, Spanish for reconquest.� The word �some� Dobbs uses runs into the hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions judging by the recent filling of streets with anti US Mexican flag wavers. A revolution is taking place while the spectators watch.
The Enemy Within
MEChA has declared war on the United States, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. So far it has done this with impunity with the help of treacherous senators, congressmen, university officials, along with the enemies of this nation. MEChA is bold and aggressive using this nation�s economy, welfare programs, and its educational system. While filling their bellies and needs at the expense of the American taxpayer, they�re plotting the overthrow of this republic in broad daylight. MEChA is nurtured and protected by the University of California at Irvine. MEChA has spread its venomous rhetoric through an estimated 300 chapters in universities and schools across the United States. Their plan EL PLAN DE AZTL�N is available for all to read. It�s full of race hated, threats, and the use of their bodies for war and their youth to commit revolutionary acts of violence against this nation and its people.
MEChA is appealing to all Hispanics to join their so- called revolution. The illegal aliens and lack of national border control are issues that are developing into a life or death struggle determining whether this republic shall endure as we have know it for the past 230 years. This is a threat with a potential that rivals Iran and radical Islam and it�s in our communities and cities across the nation. Our national leaders are turning their backs to this threat while smiling and looking for Hispanic votes. The illegal aliens are the grunts for an army of gorilla fighters MEChA and other Chicano groups would like to create. Amnesty will make no difference to them, for the beat of their drums will continue. With amnesty, millions more of Mexico�s poor and hungry will attempt to enter the US for a free ride on the backs of US taxpayers.
08-05-2008 05:43 PM
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proudredneck, Sun City, AZ

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1) "The U.S. will apologize to the world for our "interference" in their affairs, past & present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, and the rest of those "good ole boys," we will never �interfere� again.

2) We will withdraw our troops from all over the world. They don't want us there. Therefore, we will station troops at our borders. No one allowed sneaking through holes in the fence.

3) All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and leave. We'll give them a free trip home. After 90 days the remainder will be gathered up and deported immediately, regardless of whom or where they are. They're illegal!!! France will welcome them.

4) All future visitors will be thoroughly checked and limited to 90 days unless given a special permit!!!! No one from a terrorist nation will be allowed in. If you don't like it there, change it yourself and don't hide here. Asylum would never be available to anyone. We don't need any more cab drivers or 7-11 cashiers.

5) No foreign "students" over the age 21. The older ones are the bombers. If they don't attend classes, they get a "D" and it's back home baby!

6) The U.S. will make a strong effort to become self-sufficient energy wise. This will include developing nonpolluting sources of energy but will require a temporary drilling of oil in the Alaskan wilderness. The caribou will have to cope for a while.

7) Offer Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries $10.00 a barrel for their oil. If they don't like it, we will go someplace else. They can go some-where else to sell their production.(About a week of the wells filling up the storage sites would be enough.

8) there is a famine or other natural catastrophe in the world, we will not "interfere." They can pray to Allah or whomever, for seeds, rain, cement or whatever they need. Besides most of what we give them is stolen or given to their army. The people who need it the most get very little, if anything.

9) Ship the U.N. Headquarters to an isolated island someplace. We don't need the spies and fair weather friends here. Besides, the building would make a good homeless shelter.
all Americans must go to charm and beauty school. That way, no one can call us "Ugly Americans" any longer. The Language we speak is ENGLISH ... learn it ... or LEAVE. Now, isn't that a winner of a plan?
08-05-2008 05:48 PM
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